[about bardamu]

Bardamu is the main character of Louis-Ferdinand Céline's famous novel "Journey to the end of the night", written in 1932. Céline revealed nonsense of the world which he even qualified as “international slaughter-house in madness”, as part of the action took place during the first world war in Europe. Why using this nickname then ? Just because the way Bardamu sees and interacts all through his long journey with his environment is very much close to my own personal way of seeing and feeling in photography...

I am French, I do work and live in Brussels.


I am a film photographer. I shoot mainly with Leica M cameras (M3, MP), Contax T3 as well as Nikon FM3. When it comes to medium format, I am using an Hasselblad.


You can contact me at bardamuphoto[at]yahoo.fr
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